Sunflower asks a question

What is it really like to have Jesus in your heart?
When you have Jesus in your heart it will consume you whole: your time, your desires, your passion, your heart per se. You will give up so many things. You could lose everything and everyone, even yourself sometimes; yet, know that you will still be okay because He is the one who sustains you.

Yes, the price of following Jesus costs you a lot; simply put—your life. To think about it could feel heavy in your chest but the yoke is light when shared with the God enthroned in that heart of yours. You will not really lose, lose. For greater is He than all that you have, all that is in you, all that you are. You will never lack; He will give you what you need. When you have Jesus in your heart, you will have everything. He will be your everything.

Having Jesus in your heart is all sunshine despite the storm and rains. You will be standing still. Always and forever… in Christ Jesus. Give it a try.


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